Working our way underneath an old farmhouse (formerly the Country Daisy) built on beams and a sandstone foundation that caved on the north side. We replaced this with a new concrete wall, dug the room out to be used as a storage/utility room and poured a new floor.


Cutting a doorway between Vintage & Rustics (old Ben Franklin building) and their new addition (old Kickin Ass Hat Shop).

Vintage Rustics Steel Beams

After all that cutting this doorway received double steel headers, one for each wall that was cut through as two buildings became one.

Vintage Rustics Finished Wood

Props to Mark Leesburg for finishing out his own doorway with vintage and rustic looking wood plank.

Vintage Rustics Ramp Hat Side

We poured a concrete ramp between the buildings in the new Vintage & Rustics since the floors were different heights.

Craning dirt sled EMCMC Grouphome

Craning out the dirt from underneath one of Eastern Montana Mental Health's group homes. We excavated and shored up this building to create new crawlspaces underneath for new sewer and a new foundation and drainage system.


One of 3 sections of Neva's Place group home shown with crawlspace excavated awaiting a new footing and foundation wall.


New wall (1 of 3) installed and grade brought up proper elevation for maximum drainage.


Cutting one of 58 openings through grout filled block, rebar and brick at the MCC dorms for a/c units installed by Jerry's Refridgeration Services (JRS) and Glader Electric.


Rockwell window wells are an attractive fiberglass alternative to typical steel wells and the built in step eliminates the need for an additional ladder!


Cutting yet another egress window hole. We do a lot of these!


Basic wood trimmed casement window.

Craning Spreader Bar Concrete Well

Craning an exposed aggregate concrete window well into place with our Bobcat E42 excavator.

F800 Drivers side wide

Our F800 dump truck is ready to haul our machines and your materials!